We are cutting a new era:
TKM – The Knife Manufacturers

Over 100 years of experience in the production of industrial knives and saws. More than 1,000 employees on three continents in a good dozen companies, which continue to grow together under our joint TKM Group holding umbrella. The culture of an owner-managed group, combined with the dynamism of a global market leader in cutting technology; all these jigsaw puzzle pieces characterise our work.

Now we want to put the pieces together in a way visible for all. So from 1 October 2014 onwards, the individual companies of our group will consistently operate under the brand “TKM – The Knife Manufacturers” with a uniform image. In this way not only do we give ourselves a highly recognisable face fitting our international orientation, we highlight the fact that the united know-how of our experts around the world makes TKM more than the sum of its parts. In future we will conclude this with just two words: “Expertise United”.

Important to us is that although this new direction changes the appearance of “The Knife Manufacturers”, it does not change our tried and tested company philosophy. We are and will be your flexible systems and solutions supplier on whose expert staff you can always count. Just as you can on the combined skills under one strong group umbrella, on which TKM is everywhere now clearly and unambiguously displayed.

1st October, 2014

New product brochure focusing on doctor blades and cleaning Liquid

(currently only in German, soon available in English)


For a complete overview of all our doctor blade products with all technical information and advantages at a glance . Whether for flexo printing or gravure printing, for coating or printing of paper, foil, corrugated paper or other materials - we manufacture the ideal doctor blade for any application. We offer the perfect combination of quality, tip design and, if necessary, coating.

As a perfect addition to our portfolio we offer enpurex® for the deep cleaning of rollers and cylinders after use. This pH-neutral cleaning liquid is based on a completely new active principle. It has been patented worldwide and is exclusively distributed by Rolf Meyer GmbH.

You can download and print out the brochure in the task bar at the left, or view it directly on your screen. In the download area of the Rolf Meyer website you will find other current brochures of our product portfolio and services.


Modified SurePerf® is well received by customers

Continuous progress is one of the most important components for competitiveness, growth and development of a company.  So Rolf Meyer has succeeded in optimizing and improving the exclusive and patented SurePerf® according to our individual customer wishes.

After the initial test run, one customer was very enthusiastic and impressed: ” The modifications have a significant visible effect and there are far less deformations. The aim of avoiding crease marks seems to be achievable.”, said Mr. Ortner of the Appl Group.

Our unique research and development department, combined with qualified print technologists in our sales department, allows us to offer professional advice and support as well as optimized products based on the customer’s individual requests and needs.


Labelexpo Europe 2013

Labelexpo Europe 2013 is set to be the largest in the show’s 33 year history as it returns to Belgium between 24 – 27 September. The largste label industry´s trade show is located on seven halls with more than 90 exhibitors. It´s a place to see the latest product launches, compare technologies, network and do business.

We are looking forward to meet you at our booth in hall 11 - S 30.

Record results for ICE Europe 2013

With another 16% increase in visitor attendance compared to the previous show, ICE Europe 2013 was the biggest International Converting Exhibition ever. A total of 6,600 visitors from 64 countries came to Munich to find out about the latest products and services.
This could be confirmed by Rolf Meyer company as an exhibitor together with the holding company IKS Klingelnberg.
“We are more than excited how successful the market launch of enpurex is going on continuously. In the meanwhile this product is worlwide well known and respected”, commented Thomas Stoerte Managind Director of Rolf Meyer. “enpurex® belongs to the products of the highest quality class. Therefore it is perfect add on to our portfolio, consisted of doctor blades and spare parts for the printing and packaging industry.”

To all visitors of our booth - Please accept our best thanks for really interesting conversations and the possibility to met you personally.

ICE europe

It is already the 8th times for the worlds leading exhibition, focused on converting experts, when they start at the 19th of March 2013.
Therefore we put the focus on our unique products DuroBlade and enpurex® and would be more than appreciate to welcome you at our booth.
You will find us at hall A6 / booth 367 where we also offer live demonstrations on cleaning an anilox roller.

If you need Entrance tickets please feel free to contact directly Ms Duscha via –

NEWS enpurex®

Foodstuffs - Certificate of Compliance granted!

Institute ISEGA confirmed per European Parliament regulation 1935/2004 for objects or materials that come into contact with food, there are no concerns when using enpurex® 95Plus and Power.

This newly awarded ISEGA certification and the long standing Dermatest seal of approval "excellent" in addition to being biodegradable allows unlimited enpurex® usage in the food packaging industry.






Exhibition combined with papers especially for flexo printing

At the 11th and 12th of September 2012 the annual ProFlex takes place in Stuttgart. Beside to the exhibition there is the possiblity to join papers through experts, suppliers and end user. Perfect place to start a technical discussion with the outcome of an optimal result. We are looking forward to an exchange of experiences together with you and invite you to visit our booth 42.

contact details to the ProFlex you find here, or feel free to contact us directly.

DRUPA 2012 - Review

Revolution in Anilox Cleaning

In opposit to the official decreasing visitor numbers at the Drupa 2012 the Rolf Meyer GmbH had an increasing trend. Reason for that were live demonstrations at their booth for an absolutely new cleaning product in Anilox Cleaning - enpurex®.

“This is amazing – I couldn´t believe it before I saw it – it makes me sleepless” this was only one comment of a huge US distributor, specialized for green cleaners.

On top to the ecological fact of enpurex® and the new and patented active principle, working on a physical basis instead of chemical, it´s an economic tool. People are able to clean the Anilox Rollers directly inside the machine within a maximum time of 5 minutes.
A printing director of a well known wide web Flexo Printer out of Germany pointed out this like following: “After using enpurex® just as a hand application I was impressed when I saw the anilox cells through my magnifier – it really was the first time I clearly could see the clean bottom of my cells! Plus it is also a lot more productive – in the same time I have one roller cleaned with my regular cleaning machine I can clean 6 rollers by hand with enpurex®!”

Thomas Störte, Managing Director of Rolf Meyer GmbH sumed up: “We were surprised how many people were informed already about this revolution in Anilox Cleaning – because we just took over the worldwide sales business for enpurex® since January of this year. We had a lot of visitors they want to see only the live demonstrations or do it themselves. Our result for Drupa 2012 connected wih enpurex® is awesome – we generated many new and valued contacts and out of this we documented in the meantime worldwide orders and inquiries from Anilox Roller Manufacturers, Dealers, Cleaning Liquid Competitors etc. We will evalutate carefully our strategy in order to have a comprehensive worldwide marketing approach soon.”

  Rolf Meyer GmbH

PR launch nr. 1102-12eng Subject: companies – new developments - cooperations December 2011

New Development in the area of cleaning products exceeds all
expectations and sets new benchmarks

Rolf Meyer GmbH acquires the exclusive worldwide rights for
the unique new product enpurex®

German experts in physics and chemistry have developed a completely new concept in industrial cleaning products, which they call Intelligent Fluids™.In addition to being highly effective, the patented enpurex® product range is 100% biodegradable and pH neutral. These liquids, which are not only water based but also acid free, remove layers of dirt and color quickly and mildly, without leaving any residues.

A mesh or net-like structure in the liquids enables the necessary flexibility which results in effective physical extrusion and removal of contaminants; dissolving impurities and preventing residual build-up or staining. The surfaces of anilox and rubber rollers, cylinders, parts of the machine and even the machine itself can now be cleaned in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

Our ongoing testing by customers in the printing, packaging and tissue industries, has proven that Enpurex is a highly effective and reliable product which is consistently recommended from one company to the next.

The Rolf Meyer GmbH (Bargteheide/Germany), manufacturer of pre-ground doctor blades, high performance knives and replacement parts for the printing and packaging industries, will take over the exclusive distribution, effective on the 01st of January 2012. As a member of the international TKM Group, Rolf Meyer offers its’ customers a worldwide sales and support network, with group internal as well as external distribution and service partners.

“We are enthusiastic about the abilities of the enpurex® product range,” says Thomas Störte, general manager at Rolf Meyer GmbH, “we have again managed to strategically enrich our product portfolio with an innovation, which will be highly beneficial for our customers all over the world.” Also the general manager at bubbles & beyond GmbH is optimistic “we are pleased to found a customer orientated, dynamic and worldwide acting partner which enables us to offer together optimized solutions. The Rolf Meyer GmbH is not also for us but also for the printing industry an ideal partner who is able to offer a wide product range from one source.”

  Rolf Meyer GmbH

Rolf Meyer GmbH
Attn: Ms Kathrin Duscha
Heinrich Hertz Str. 17
22941 Bargteheide

Tel. +49(0) 4532 400 123
Fax +49(0) 4532 400 207



Emmanuel Mougenot, packaging market specialist at TKM France has a huge know-how in Flexo printing. Please read in the following interview which evolutions have taken place and how do you handle these...



RMB DuroBlade

New Success Story for corrugated printing

In the actual magazine “apr Extra Corrugated”, Mr Jakob Petermeier, plant manager of company Brohl, is talking about his experiences with the RMB DuroBlade. In the PR report he confirms a lifetime of four weeks in opposition to earlier two days. Accordingly also the machine set up-time was clearly reduced.
Based on this great results in the meantime all machines were prepared with the new ceramic blade. Mr Brohl gave the following statement: “The new cermic blade do not wear off - even after changing you hardly can see marks of handling. But every company has to make the decission itself if the usage of the comparative expensive ceramic blade pays off. Our focus is on a high quality of our products – that´s why we are very satisfied.”

A comprehensive report about the new product in the portfolio of the Rolf Meyer GmbH you find in the actual apr magazine with the title “Rolf Meyer GmbH entwickelt sich stürmisch”. (Rolf Meyer GmbH have been developing rapidly)

October 2011

ICE Europe 2011 - International Converting Exhibition in Munich from 08th to 10th of November

ICE Europe is the world’s leading event for everyone involved in the conversion of flexible web materials, such as paper, film, foil and nonwovens. The show attracts converting specialists from sectors including packaging, food, pharmaceutical, textiles and nonwovens, paper, package printing as well as product development for the automotive, furniture and electronics industries.

At the 7th International Converting Exhibition, more than 370 exhibitors from 22 countries will present their new technologies and sophisticated solutions to the converting industry.

We are pleased to welcome you in hall B5 booth 726

More information about the exhibition

October 2011



Join us at the ProFlex in Stuttgart

At the 20th and 21st of Sptember 2011 the ProFlex again takes place in Stuttgart. The Rolf Meyer GmbH invites you for a visit at booth 42 on the trade fair for flexo printing. Get to know our company and products personally and satisfy oneself of 40 years experience and quality.

Further detailled information to ProFlex

August 2011



Asia's biggest Flexible Packaging and Printing Conference and Exhibition


The AFTA, AGA and ALA has been successfully bringing quality and influential flexible packing events in Asia contributing significantly towards to industry growth and excellence.
This year, the conference was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 18 – 19th of November 2010. Around 300 conference visitors attended this event.
Rolf Meyer together with IKS Klingelnberg Asia Pte. Ltd were participants to this conference and displayed all Rolf Meyer products at the table top exhibition during the event.




The newspaper „Hamburger Abendblatt“ today reports about the company Rolf Meyer GmbH - head line: “These Bargteheider come off well in cutting”

In the article serial “my company” the newspaper Hamburger Abenblatt introduce staff, products and strenghts of the Bargteheider company. The products made in the North of Germany were exported worldwide. High quality and customer satisfaction always obtain the highest priority – this persuade also big customer like Tetra Pak. 

Complete article.





Collaboration of Rolf Meyer GmbH and BTG - First Interview in the trade magazin Flexo Gravure Int´l

Under the headline "A razor shap cooperation" you will find in the current issue Flexo Gravure Int´l (3-2009, page 48) the first interview about the collaboration of the companies Rolf Meyer GmbH and BTG. Thomas Stoerte, Managing Director of Rolf Meyer, and Jerome Michaut, Marketing Manger of BTG, explain backgrounds and give a forsight...

To read the complete Interview please click here




BTG Eclépens S.A.   Rolf Meyer GmbH
Our ref. :TS/KD   D-22941, Bargteheide,  Sep. 01st 2009

Strategic collaboration between BTG and Rolf Meyer GmbH gives you added value

BTG Eclépens S.A, Switzerland, supplier to the Pulp & Paper Industry and the inventor and manufacturer of the original high-performance printing blade Duroblade®, and Rolf Meyer GmbH Germany, manufacturer and international supplier with 40 years’ expertise focused on the illustration and packaging printing business, signed a worldwide collaboration agreement on August 17th, 2009, effective on the 1st of September 2009.

Rolf Meyer GmbH, market leader in printing doctor blades, high-performance knives and spare parts for the printing and packaging industry will take over the sales and marketing activities and sell BTG´s Duroblade under the new product name of RMB DuroBlade. for flexo and gravure applications. BTG, with its unique manufacturing know-how will continue manufacturing the blade.

The goal of the alliance is to extend and strengthen the position of BTG and Rolf Meyer in the printing industry and consolidate the distribution network for RMB DuroBlade.

You as our customer will benefit from this strategic cooperation thanks to the combined competence and know-how of two dynamic and innovative companies with long-standing international experience.

We are confident this move will:

  • facilitate your access to a complete range of supplies
  • give you access to a wider scope of know-how
  • give you added value

For more details please find enclosed our RMB DuroBlade brochure.

Rolf Meyer has a worldwide sales organization, ensuring excellent availability all over the world, and guaranteeing outstanding service for the customers. Please consult our website:


BTG Eclépens S.A. Rolf Meyer GmbH
Frank Grossmann Thomas Störte
General Manager Duroblade® Managing Director


Outbilding for new office space

Company Rolf Meyer finished this month the new Outbilding. On an extra area of approx. 200 sqm, six new, modern offices were developed. This Outbilding was necessary to have more space for continuously growing numer of employees and to optimize the Workflow.

Further factor on the part of Management is the optimistic view into the future: "We confront the current crisis, which we see as a market given fact, but we make every possible effort to be optimally prepared for the economic revival."









China Print, Beijing:

Rolf Meyer presented togehther with the TKM Group an extensive portfolio on every aspect of cutting and doctoring

Every four years, the printing industry looks to China: From 12 to 16 May the China Print 2009 took place in Beijing in the New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC) for the 7th time since its establishment in 1984. The China Print is one of the leading trade fairs for printing technology in the world. Exhibitors from China and abroad took advantage of this exhibition in order present their innovations and refined technologies. In this respect, the entire range of printing technology was addressed. The International Forum for Printing Development as well as various conferences and seminars were the highlights at the trade fair. To sum up, the responsible persons at TKM Group state that the China Print 2009 as one of the largest market places of the printing industry lived up to its name once again and attracted experts from all over the world.

On 110,000 square meters (comp. 2005: 92,000 square meters) 1,284 exhibitors (comp. 2005: 986 exhibitors) from 25 countries (comp. 2005: 24 countries) presented their products. More than 160,000 visitors (as in 2005) from more than 80 countries were counted on five days.



Our product information boards in the                                         technology centre at W&H

Since a short time we inform employees and visitors in the technology centre of our customer W&H about our product news.

Further detailled informations you can get at our displayed brochures or you´re welcome to contact us by Mail





TKM France has become a key partner for Flexo printers!

Read here the second TKM France Newsletter "TKM France is more and more involved in Flexo Printing".

For further informations don´t hesitate to contact:

Mr. Pieter DEWAELE: or
Mr. Emmanuel MOUGENOT:


Vocational Training is of Great Importance




"In the TKM group, vocational training is extremely important", says Dirk Lehmkühler, personnel manager. At IKS Klingelnberg in Remscheid about 13 young people per year have been trained as industrial clerks, management assistants in informatics, specialists for administration of inventory and precision mechanics throughout the last years. Furthermore, as from summer 2009 one vocational training position combined with studies will be offered. Recently, all apprentices of the German IKS Klingelnberg sites met in Bargteheide near Hamburg for exchange of information and project work. By product trainings, presentation of various production methods and project work, an understanding of the group-wide IKS Klingelnberg philosophy was to be given especially to the apprentices in their first year of vocational training. IKS Klingelnberg belongs to a medium-sized group of companies which operates on an international scale and is one of the leading manufacturers of machine knives for the paper, metal, wood and plastics processing industry in the world.

Source: Remscheider Generalanzeiger

Structural Changes at French Subsidiary buland “buland“ renamed to “TKM France“

With immediate effect, buland which is located near Lille and belongs to the TKM Group has a new company structure and operates under a new name and logo.
More ...





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